Enjoy a little risk? Into edgeplay?

What is edgeplay and why it's fun

BDSM, in general, is seen as being extreme in comparison to vanilla sex, but there are a variety of different kinds of play within BDSM. Those of an edgier nature are grouped as edgeplay. Many activities come under this particular umbrella term, and everyone will have their own opinions of what is edgeplay. From knife play to abandonment play, breath play to mind control, barebacking to predicament bondage as well as many, many more. There are lots of ways to play on the edge, and everyone has their boundaries. Do you enjoy playing on the edge?

What is edgeplay?  

Edgeplay is anything that falls outside of the Safe, Sane, Consensual rule of BDSM. Its practices work to the Risk Aware Consensual Kink framework, where there is a risk in taking part that has to be thought about and taken into consideration. It's challenging to define edgeplay as it's different for every person. It's more about the possible consequences than the activity itself. Everyone's perception of risk is different.

What are some examples of edgeplay?

Edgeplay is anything that has intrinsic risk, physically or mentally. Some examples are knife play, where there is a risk of being cut, or blood play if you're going to cut someone. Breath play is a good example as there is no 100% safe way to do this, but also something like cream pies would count as again, there is an inherent risk when you indulge.

How can edgeplay spice up my sex life?

If it's something you want to try, then yes. It's essential to only indulge in edgeplay with someone you trust and that you communicate with your play partner/s at every step. If you do this, you can spice up your kink and your sex life.

How do you keep edgeplay safe?

Keep it safe by being risk-aware. Make sure you research thoroughly and don't try anything you aren't sure about. Prepare safety precautions - including safewords and safe actions - and have a phone nearby in case of emergencies. Edgeplay is intrinsically risky, but you can make it safer by being ready for all possibilities.

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    A predicament leaves you with hard choices. No matter what you do, it's going to be painful. That's the heart of all predicament bondage. It puts the bottom or submissive/s in the scene in positions where to get relief from one pain; they have to submit to another. They may even have to choose to inflict pain on someone else to get relief for themselves. It's an intense form of power exchange which takes bondage from just restraint into areas of sadism and mind-fuckery. Sadists and masochist, Dominants and submissives as well as riggers and their bunnies find a lot of fun in this particular edge play activity.
    Knives have a unique appeal. There are many types for all kinds of jobs; there are new, shiny sharp ones and old, worn, patinated ones. Wide-bladed, thin-bladed and all of them can be sexy if you're into knife play. Knives are popular within the BDSM community, and used for all kinds of purposes, like removing wax after wax play for example, but they can be used simply for fear play too. Knife play is a varied kink that encompasses all kinds of fun you can have with assorted blades from blunt to sharp. You're the one in control, well, if you're holding the knife that is.
    Breath play comes in many forms. The most common one is probably choking, but that's far from the only option. You can also hold the mouth and nose shut for a time, indulge in some facesitting, press down carefully on the sternum or try out some specialised breath play toys. Safety is paramount, and there's no way to practice breath play that is entirely risk-free. Make sure that you do your research before you begin, and communicate carefully with your partners. One important thing to discuss before indulging in breath play is the non-verbal safeword. There are many ways to make this work, but one of the most reliable involves three clear sounds from the back of the throat. You can also hold something that will make a noise if you drop it.