Rubber, leather or latex - here's what you need to know about masks

Animal masks or kinky gas masks - you decide!

There are thousands of ways to work masking into your kink. Gas masks, for example, are a relatively common fetish; the look and feel of wearing one is highly evocative, and they have a wonderful way of making you feel cut off from the outside world. Gimp and latex masks are iconic to many kinksters, and leather masks are a versatile go-to for all kinds of people in the BDSM community. Other prominent options are medical and animal masks, which each belong to its own fetish play. Masquerade ball styled events are pretty standard in BDSM clubs, and there's something sexy about the allure of a good mask in many contexts!

What are the best masks for BDSM?

It depends on the purpose for it. Some are used for preserving anonymity, others are used to dehumanise the wearer. Any mask that covers a good amount of your face is good for the first purpose but for dehumanisation something more specific such as a gas mask, animal mask or gimp mask would be best.

What is a gimp mask?

Also called a bondage hood or bondage mask, they are designed to dominate, depersonalise and sexually objectify the consenting wearer. They are often made of rubber or leather but can be other materials such as spandex and often are worn with a full body suit. They are synonymous with BDSM as they are often use in movies and TV programmes to indicate someone is kinky.

Why are masks so often used in BDSM?

They have multiple uses, some can be used for bondage, such as hoods, others can be used for breath play like gas masks. And others just enhance a role, puppy and kitty masks for example. And of course, they help to preserve anonymity which can be very important to some kinksters.

Do Dominants wear masks?

Although masks are often worn by submissives for a variety of purposes, Dominants can wear masks too. Often it’s for a special occasion such as a masquerade party or to hide their face at parties or in photographs. If a top wants to wear a mask they can do so, they are the ones in control after

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    As someone who has been in the Community since they where 21.
    I have been on this learning and passion to understand how to be a great leader. Am I perfect? The answer is no I make mistakes and still today try to be humble enough to grow as a Dominate. As now I grow I have not mastered one single path alone but have much experience to look upon as a whole. I first began as a submissive to understand both sides of a coin one must study both sides of the lifestyle. In my own opinion it has made me a better Dominate. I am Heterosexual after being sexually abused at a young age it has totally turned me off of socializing. I was sexually active up to that point and it took 5 years of being lead by some one with great values to teach me how to be trusting again. I Just came out and told my family less then a few years ago about my sexual abuse after hiding it for almost 40 years. So I must get to know someone is the first step into what I am looking for. I am a Dominate not a person that will pay to play or give you money. The community today is so lost in values its very Insulting. It is one thing If I want to do something nice for you. This attitude of pay me ore else is far from the true Values of why we are here. There is no greater disrespect then subbing from the bottom up. Discipline and respect should be what you truly seek as a submissive. The moment you lose these by being judgmental shallow and picky. Are you putting you best foot forward? Your to old for me or I have to be attracted to that person. I have heard it all but then they find that Finance Sugar daddy or momma but they lack the skills to be a Master/Dominate or they get hurt abused and neglected. Truth is you should be careful there are a lot of pretenders calling them self Dominate or Mistress. I have a nice 12 inch thick strap on I love to use in multiple ways Filling Your holes prefer to use it leaving my hot cum for your face or body.....sound fun message me No MTF or Males Married is fine but I work alone Drop her off for the weekend and they must not interfere in Relationship or Dynamic. and Polly is ok, Females only. Relationship Dynamic . Impact Play, Orgasm Controle and Deny, Bondage, Ropes and Forced Orgasms, Masks, Nipple Pussy and Anal Thys Back and hand and feet Torture Kneeling, Domestic Dutys mild/strong/Hardcore depending on your tolerance for pain. punishments may include Chasity Bet Anal Plugs and training Couch Time Corner Time Grounding of Favored Things. Kneeling based on tolerances punishment are based on the offences and fit the violation Brats Be Warned.

    Hard Limits: blood play (everything to do with it), body hair (Dislike), breath play (everything to do with it), cutting (everything to do with it), gangbangs (everything to do with it), needle play (everything to do with it), pubic hair (Dislike),, strap-ons (Not on me), toilet (everything to do with it), toilet slave (everything to do with it), Uncontrolled Violence (everything to do with it), waterbondage (everything to do with it), watersports (everything to do with it)
    Rave Dm me in chat lets get to know one another.

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