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So there are two main issues with sex in the water. One is that it tends to wash away a lot of the essential lubrication, meaning that things can get a little paradoxically dry down there - and the other is that water's natural buoyancy means it can be a bit more difficult than you might imagine getting everything in place. The trick is to bring some water-based lube in with you, anchor yourself on the side of the pool and keep experimenting till you find something that works for you and your partner! This is an experience well worth having, though it might take a little while to get it right.

Is it safe to have sex in water?

Yes, it's safe to have sex in the water, but if you use condoms make sure you get some that are waterproof.

Where are the best places to have sex in water?

You want to be somewhere quiet. If you’re in the sea, make sure you’re at a quiet area on the beach, same if you’re in a lake, river or stream. Don’t get too deep into the water and you’re probably best up against the bank or lying in the surf – you don’t want to get literally swept away!

What positions can you use to have sex in water?

Standing up positions make use of the buoyancy of the water but if you’re in the shallows, missionary is probably best. Make sure you can move quickly if discovered and cover up so you don’t get in trouble.

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I stop dead in my tracks as I walk into the lounge and gasp with horror, wondering how the f he got in, I'd only been out a few minutes with the dog. Yet here he was, sitting still on the sofa, with THOSE eyes..He pats his lap, beckoning me to prostrate myself across it, but he has those unhinged 'You are mine & I will break you' eyes. "Come to Daddy.." he commands patting his thigh again, with a menacing glare, those eyes say 'Do it'. I take 2 steps forward towards him then find my gravity and turn my heels towards the door.
"Where the fck dyou think you're going Princess?" I hear him chide as he grabs the hair at the back of my head. He yanks my head back.
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" Don't fckin move." he commands. What can I do? I don't want to wind him up. I hear that dreaded noise of the buckle being undone and the belt being pulled out.
He tilts my head back and slaps my face from behind.
"What have you not to do?"
He belts me, hard. I gasp for breath as I hear him ask what I'd missed.
"Don't move. Daddy." I say, almost glad I'm not facing him because that talk makes me feel so shy to say. He crouches behind me and rubs my cheeks softly, just lightly brushing my clit as he moves his hand from cheek to cheek, caressing, sighing contentedly. It feels good, and that makes me feel guilty. "Daddy missed this little peach." I hear some rustling of close and I'm belted again, harder than before. Wow. I can't see.
"But he shouldn't have had to should he? Eh?!"
"No!" I gasp.
THWACK. "No what?, fn disrespectful little c
"No Daddy. Please. Stop, what do you want? - I'll please you" I desperately want to cover my eyes, my cheeks. I feel too vulnerable.
"You. Please me? You're a little brat you're not capable of pleasing a man.". He belts me 5× more, making me apologize for "being a whore", with every strike. It's made my eyes water. It's a cold sensation at first with the cool leather then it heats till I feels like a hot rod's being held against it. I can hear him playing with himself. He zips himself back up.
"Come here" he tells me as he grabs my hair again and stands me up. He marches me to the kitchen, stepping out of my bottoms and thongs completely as I tread, and forces me by the shoulders to sit on the stool, where I'm told once again not to move. Hes back fumbling in his pockets and my already tied wrists are then tied to the metal bars on the stool.
"Look at me."
I do, only to receive a hard slap the second I make eye contact.
"Look at me."
"No!" I shout. I get 2 hard slaps to the left cheek for that. Jeeeeze.
I can see in my peripheral vision his belt is folded under his arm. He stands behind me and takes my tits out over the top of my vest. He twists my nipples, squeezes them until I look him in the eye and beg him to stop. He kisses my lips - hard - then spins behind me. He grabs my hair a little and with the other hand slaps one of my tits. He begins running the folded belt back and forth on on my nipples between slaps. It chafes. "Let me go I'm done. We're done I don't want this!" I exclaim. From behind me he pinches my nose and rams a cock gag in my throat and buckles it so tightly every time I lean forward or back I gag uncontrollably, which he laughs at.
"Those pretty tits are about to feel what real torture is like." He tells me as I let out a stifled "Noooo"
He stands to the left of the stool.
"Sit up straight. Lean back a bit" he instructs as he bends my neck back, raising my exposed tits to him. He strikes hard, again and again. Occasionally the end of the belt catches a nipple, they're the worst. I'm desperate to try to protect myself but I'm tied back and if I lean forward I'm gagging more. He's laughing, and playing with him self between strikes. Idk how long passed before he undid the ties, to the stool anyway. "Mmmmm" he says, rubbing my breasts. They're swollen from him playing with them and I can see red and purple welts all over them.
He cuts the other zip tie off after walking me back to the lounge with his hands on my waist.
"Lie on your back for Daddy"
I obey. I'm in a do as I'm told daze.
He lowers his jeans and boxers and kicks them off. He lays between my legs, stroking my face and my hair behind my ears. He roughly checks to see how wet I am. He spits on his hand and after a couple of minutes of spitting and trying to penetrate me, RAMS his cock in me, to the hilt.
"Mmmmm." he moans in contentment, there's nothing like it. That's what Daddy missed most. That warm tight little cnt."
He's f
cking me gently, speeding up and grabbing me by the neck, back to gently. Every time he squeezes my breasts my eyes water. It just makes him harder.
" What do you say? "
" Thank you Daddy." I say quietly.
" Say it. You know what I want to hear."
He picks up the belt and puts it round my throat. "Say it" he commands, tightening the belt with each thrust.
"Thank you for r*ping me Daddy."
He gives a turned on sigh, grabs the belt strap and fucks me till he explodes in me.
"Goooood Girl" he praises stroking my face. "Make sure you stay a good girl" he warns, squeezing my neck, giving me those eyes....

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Swimming costumes are often sexy as hell, and days by the pool bathing in the sunshine and enjoying a few fruity cocktails can be an erotic experience for many. If you can get around some of the more obvious problems (lack of lubrication, nothing to brace yourself against, a potential for being caught) swimming pool sex is a fantastic way to bond with a partner and try out something new. If you get the chance to explore, do try it out - there's a lot to be said for getting down and dirty in the cool water on a hot summer day!
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