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Sissy is a very powerful word. It can be used as an insult but some people seek it out. These people are often male submissives who want their Dominant, often a Mistress or Domme to feminize them. It’s sometimes referred to as forced’ feminization but the act is completely consensual. If the person being sissified wasn’t happy at any time they could get the process stopped. Sissification is often linked with humiliation, domination and orgasm denial. It can be something that you do on your own for your own satisfaction too, you don’t need a Dom to have fun with sissification.

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What is sissification?

Sissification is the act of taking a masculine presenting person and making them appear more feminine. It can be done as an act of submission for a dominant or can be done solo. It is definitely seen as a part of BDSM. Often there’s an element of consensual coercion in the process, where the person is made to act in a feminine way by their dominant, called forced feminization.

What does sissification mean?

The dictionary definition is simply ‘the act or process of sissifying but really it means different things to different people. It might depend on if you’re doing it for your own enjoyment or as an act of submission to a dominant. It can be all about humiliation although it isn’t humiliating to be a woman, the act of sissification is often highly sexualised and the humiliation comes through this hyper-sexualised behaviour. Again, there is nothing wrong with having a high sex drive and enjoying sex but there is a societal disapproval that prompts a person to feel humiliated by that kind of behaviour.

Why do some men want to become a sissy?

The reasons are varied and if you want to give sissification ago, whatever the reason, then go for it. It might be something you want to do to serve your dominant partner or it might be that wearing feminine looking clothes turns you on. There is no one reason and whatever your reason is, it’s valid!

Is it OK that sissification turns me on?

Yes! If you’re enjoying it, the people you are doing it with are enjoying it and it’s all good fun then it’s totally fine. There can be elements of misogyny and toxic masculinity within the idea of sissification. You may want to investigate this and be sure to avoid any of that kind of toxic thinking from your own kink. If you’re at all uncomfortable with your desire for sissification, then you should contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

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