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Everything you need to know about yiffing and furry sex

You might not have heard of yiffing unless you’re part of the furry community. It’s a term for sexual activity. It can mean anything from porn or cybersex to real life fucking. It covers all kinds of sex and isn’t just one certain sex act but is all about furries getting it on.

Doesn’t matter what sex they are or how many of them are engaged in play, yiff is the all-encompassing term for sexy fun times whilst in a furry persona. Or should that be purrrrrsona? We suppose it depends what kind of animal you are, really.

What is yiffing?

Yiff is a catch all term for all kinds of sexual interaction for furries. It can refer to porn, cybersex or sex that happens in real life. It has a particular light hearted and playful meaning and isn’t sex in furry suits but sex between people who are identifying as a furry at the time.

Why is furry sex called yiffing?

Some people say it’s named after the sound mating artic foxes make but actually it was made up from a constructed language called Foxish made for fox roleplayers to use in around 1990. It was designed to be a happy greeting sound and another word, yipp had the sexual connotation. Some wolf roleplayers preferred the term yiff and from there it became a word to use for furry sex in all kinds of situations.

Is there anything wrong with liking yiff?

Not at all. It’s an extension of being a furry. Some people are into it, some people aren’t. There’s nothing wrong with liking it at all. However, if you feel it’s a problem, that it has a negative effect on your day to day life then you should seek medical help.

Do you have to have a furry suit to yiff?

No, not at all. All you need is to be in your furry persona, whatever that is and engaged with someone else who is a furry, maybe 2,3 or more other furries in fact. A furry suit isn’t a necessity at all.

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