Velvet Fetish

Do you have a velvet fetish?

Love the touch of velvet?

Velvet is soft and sensual to the touch. Manufacturing it was a very complicated process before machinery, and it's still not so straightforward. These days velvet is made from all kinds of fabrics; silk velvet is the most expensive and often thought of as the softest and the best. The dense pile and the cut is what gives it that distinctive feel. It's a luxurious fabric that doesn't have to cost a fortune. Classy and sleek, velvet inspires a fetish as its touch is so sensual - no wonder it inspires sexual excitement in some people!

What is a velvet fetish?

A person with a velvet fetish gets sexually aroused by wearing or seeing other people wearing velvet. It's also connected to how velvet feels against the skin - soft and silky with a deep pile and a very distinctive feel.

How common is a velvet fetish?

Having a velvet fetish isn't one of the more common fetishes, but there are people out there who have a velvet fetish too! Add it to your profile and see how you can connect with others on

Is it OK to be turned on by people wearing velvet?

If the sight of velvet turns you on, then it is likely you will get turned on by someone wearing velvet. It's okay if this is a coincidental happening and you keep your arousal to yourself when the other person hasn't consented to be part of your fetish. It isn't okay if you seek out places where people wear velvet just to get turned on and it's never okay to force your kink on someone else. Always keep it consensual!

How can I include a velvet fetish into other play?

The simplest way is to have the people involved wear velvet. Maybe you can look at getting specific velvet kit to use too? Velvet collars and cuffs, velvet blankets and sheets, for example, could be used to add your velvet fetish into all kinds of sexy play.

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