Wedding Ring Fetish

Love the look of a gold band on a ring finger?

In the ring with wedding ring fetish

It’s not just about jewellery, not even about rings in general, no, wedding ring fetish concentrates on that one (usually) gold band that sits on the ring finger of the left hand. It’s often an indication that the person wearing it is married. The original wedding rings originated in Ancient Egypt where the position of the ring on the 4th finger of the left hand was significant as they believed there was a vein there that connected directly to the heart. Where in the west, the ring was to denote the wedding dowry of a bride and spread throughout Europe from its pagan roots in ancient Rome and Greece.

What is a wedding ring fetish?

A wedding ring fetish is when someone is aroused by a person wearing a ring on the 4th finger of their left hand. Often it’s even more specific than that, as engagement rings usually have jewels and for a wedding ring fetishist that doesn’t count. It’s often arousal from a broad gold band, often down to a precise measurement or a particular design.

Is it OK to have a wedding ring fetish?

Yes, it is! At, we love the variety of fetishes that people have an encourage them to embrace what gets them off. Of course, there are moral implications of being turned on by a wedding band if you’re not married to a person, but there are ways to act out on it that don’t involve any cheating on partners. However, if you feel your fetish is taking up too much of your time and energy, or it doesn’t feel right, then you should contact a medical professional for help.

How can I enjoy my fetish without getting wed or cheating?

Just because a ring indicates marriage, doesn’t mean you can’t buy or wear one without actually getting wed. It might be an expensive accessory for play, but you can buy a big gold ring and sizers that make it fit on a smaller finger comfortably if you don’t want to buy a gold ring to fit every play partner! Also, there are married people on the kink scene who are happy to play with people other than their partners, which could be a way to explore your fetish where everyone involved is comfortable, and no cheating is involved at all.

Why do I have a wedding ring fetish?

Only you can know, really and if you don’t know why? That’s okay too. Fetishes are often hard to trace. There is a theory that fetishes arise from early influential sexual moments. So it might be that you got turned on by something someone wearing a wedding ring did as your sexuality was blossoming and that has stuck in your mind ever since.

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